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2024 Updates

The Board has been working with the Big Thompson Association, Loveland Fire, and Colorado State to identify options for the lake since it currently needs over $100,000 worth of repairs and we do not have the funds nor want to raise HOA fees. The Colorado State option is the most feasible. We are waiting to hear back from them to get additional details.

The firehouse is an expense that we do not need. It used to be where HOA meetings were held. It no longer has power or heating (for years now). We are working with a lawyer to ensure that all legal steps are taken to make the following options available to the HOA: sell the firehouse and offer the lake to an entity that can use it for fires and still allow it to remain open to the public


As of 5/31:

  • HOA Account Balance: $31,937.54

Lake Account Balance: $5,752.28

In the last 11 months:

  • Received: $4,919.87 (from annual dues)

  • Spent: $8,809.15 on the following:

    • Lake taxes: $4,796.05

    • Firehouse taxes: 2,341.95

    • Insurance for both: 966.00

    • This website: $581.35

    • PO Box: $123


Our next meeting will take place in September. As we get closer, we will announce a date.


Due to personal responsibilities, Kaelen does not have the capacity to maintain his position as President. This means the VP, Liz, will be taking on the role as President. We are looking for someone to join the Board.

We have already contacted Holly to offer her a role. Unfortunately, she is unable to volunteer at this time. Please contact us if you are interested.


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