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Attention Residents of filings 3&4,

The HOA will be hosting an emergency meeting on April 20th, 2023 @ 6:30p at the Loveland Rural Firehouse Station 9. This meeting is for HOA residents only. No outside guests or residents will be allowed. If you cannot attend in person, HOA residents can join online or via phone:

  1. you can join the meeting via Zoom using this link

  2. you can dial in by calling: 719-359-4580

    1. When asked for the Meeting ID, please enter: 974 5552 4396

The Agenda of this meeting will be to officially nominate and vote board members and bring the board back into compliance with HOA bylaws. We need a quorum of 20 or more residents and 2/3 majority vote per resident. Please see the below link if you can not attend it is a proxy vote that you can fill out and you can give to a neighbor or friend in the HOA to vote on your behalf.

There will be 4 votes total. Each position is a VOLUNTEER position as the 2019 bylaws have no mention of board stipends or reimbursement of any kind. Please review the 2019 bylaws to familiarize yourself with the current bylaws. I am asking that all nominees take a moment to let the community know why they would like to serve, what their intent is, and what potential skills they would bring to the HOA. See below description of each position:

-Vice President: Shall act in the president’s absence, answer email from the website or designate a board member, in good standing.

-Secretary: Shall send out notices of meetings, keep the minutes, and maintain corporate records either in written form or email.

-Treasurer: Shall maintain accounts of The Association, deposit funds, disburse funds, sign checks to pay debts, prepare the annual budget and collect dues, and maintain the Quickbooks property accounts.

-The final vote will be a challenge vote to any one who wants to assume the roll of President; who Shall preside at meetings of The Association and of the board. He/she shall be authorized to sign checks for the association (see article II section four), respond to emails from its members.

I ask that you speak on why you could potentially do a better job restoring the issues of the HOA than myself and if you are able to obtain the required 2/3 vote I will resign effective immediately.

Please bring a chair and no other questions will be answered as there is the potential for new board members who will need to be brought up to speed on the HOA matters. Please share this with any friends of the community who are not on the email group or do not receive the HOA blog.

Thank you,

Kaelen Barden

CSIA President


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